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A Healthy Smile Trumps a “Perfect” Smile

Healthy is beautiful. Our smiles are part of what makes us unique individuals. Who better to define what beauty means to you, than YOU? If everyone had the same exact teeth, life would be dull. To us at Off Island Dental, the most important thing about your smile is that it’s healthy enough to last a lifetime, and that YOU feel wonderful about it.
This is why you’ll often hear us ask: Do you love your smile? What would you change? Do you like the color and shape of your teeth? In order to be able to smile more confidently, the team at Off Island Dental wants to know what you desire to enhance your unique smile. We are focused on first creating the healthiest smile and best oral health for all of our patients. Off Island Dental is here for you every step of the way.

At-Home Care: The Most Important Treatment

Believe us, we know what a joy it is to hear “looks great, see you in 6 months!” It feels just as great for us to say it, too. Of course, we know that cavities and other treatment is necessary sometimes. However, we want you to have a clean bill of health as often as possible. Brushing and flossing twice a day is the best dental tip for any patient. If you want a healthy and bright smile, follow a daily hygiene routine.
The most common risk factor for developing cavities is lack of proper home care. One of the most preventable diseases in the world is dental decay, which is prevented with regular brushing and flossing.
Remember to invest wisely!
Think about your regular dental checkup visits and your daily brushing and flossing routine as daily deposits into your “smile retirement fund.”

Properly Aligned Teeth Better Than “Perfectly Straight” Teeth

Yes, we said that. While braces and other orthodontic treatment often result in nice, straight, evenly spaced teeth, the most important result is that your bite is properly aligned. Sometimes shifting teeth can also be a sign of periodontal or gum disease. What’s most important here is the best possible alignment.

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Our hygienist and dentist may poke around your gum line during your checkup. Yes, sometimes you may experience tenderness or some bleeding. And yes, we may ask you about your flossing habits, or anything going on in your history. No, it’s not because we had a bad day – it’s because we’re trying to do right by you.
Nearly half of adults over the age of 30 in the United States have gum disease.
Your gums are the foundation for your teeth. Here is a short list of some other dental procedures that absolutely require healthy gums:

Risk factors for gum disease include certain medical conditions, medications, and a history of smoking, genetics, and age. However, the most common risk factor is that patients don’t floss often enough. That may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. Need inspiration? Put a container of floss in the shower and use it as part of your daily routine.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Over-Whiten

It’s always a pleasure to notice bright white teeth. Using a professional teeth whitening solution is a common way for people to transform and feel more confident about their smile. But, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. However, both in-store and professional whitening can actually do more harm than good if it is used too frequently.
Over-whitening can result in gum irritation, soft-tissue chemical burns, and extreme sensitivity. Protective enamel can also be damaged, making teeth more susceptible to decay. Make sure to use good judgement & remember that healthy is most important.
Even professional teeth whitening won’t last forever, so touch up treatments and repeat sessions are fairly common. You can also discuss ways to keep your teeth as white and bright as possible, without over-doing things. Our team is always here to make sure you understand the risks and benefits of all dental treatment.

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