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Composite Fillings Bluffton

Composite fillings are the latest trend in dentistry when it comes to cavities. Millennials may never understand the struggle. Don’t worry,  Off Island Dental has got your back. Did you know?  Years ago, a dental filling looked just as unsightly as dental decay. The only option for cavities was to get them filed with silver amalgam which can be very unsightly. A silver filling can develop stain or a blackened look over time, creating unattractive teeth. This used to be the only option for cavities that needed to be filled, prior to the advanced technology that we have today.

Thanks to advanced technology and material, cavities can be filled with composite material. Composite fillings are tooth colored, creating a very natural look to restoration. The special material is made of a durable resin. The resin is mixed with ground porcelain, quartz, or glass. Composite fillings are available in a wide range of shades and are designed to mimic the capacity of natural teeth. These fillings are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

The latest fillings are slightly more expensive than older fillings. However, most dental insurance companies cover the cost of the composite as well. Insurance companies tend to consider them basic dental work.

Composite fillings are stronger and more durable than ever before. They are designed to identically match your natural teeth. These composites match the sheen of the tooth exactly, in addition to . Beautiful restorations are the result, creating happy and healthy smiles.


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Due to the longevity of the amalgam filling career, many people question if the composite fillings are a better choice. There are several reasons to choose the composite:


Natural Repair
The composite resin doesn’t just repair the tooth, it also creates other opportunity: Resin can also be used to repair chips, fill gaps, and even lengthen teeth. These repairs allow dentists to perform full smile makeovers. This alternative to expansive restorations are less expensive and make a bright and beautiful smile for the patient.


Preserve the Natural Tooth
Most patients don’t realize it, but traditional amalgam fillings were designed to nestle into the teeth, not bond to it. Therefore, dentists had to create an “undercut” into the teeth to allow the fillings to stay put. Composite resin material is designed to join the dental enamel which allows more preservation of the natural tooth.


Instant Curing                                                                                       Bluffton sc fillings
Special lights are used to harden the fillings. These curing lights are usually blue in color. It lasts about 10 seconds per light session. This allows patients the ability to enjoy normal eating and drinking after the procedure. That said, some fillings don’t completely harden for days, putting the restoration at risk.


Fixed Easily

Composite fillings can be easily repaired if they break or come out. Since resin fillings can be matched and placed over existing materials, this is easier for the dentist and the patient alike.


One Visit Restoration
In as little as one dental visit, a composite restoration can be completely placed. Other restorations can take two or more visits to complete, making composites superior. An example of a typical two appointment visit is having an inlay installed. This is another benefit to a composite restoration.


No Heavy Metals
Traditional amalgam fillings contain trace amounts of mercury, a toxin that can be lethal in large doses. Another major benefit of the composite filling is that they are clear of mercury, making it a much safer alternative to amalgam.


The most modern composites have been shown to have an impressive lifespan. In most cases, composite fillings last as long, if not longer, than amalgam fillings. There has been record that these natural-looking restorations can last as long as eleven years with proper upkeep.


If you’re looking for a natural solution to fillings, composites may be your best choice. Consider the look and feel of natural resin composite at your next filling appointment.




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