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Dentures Vs. Bridges: Which Should I Choose?

Dentures Vs. Bridges

A missing tooth not only makes it challenging to smile but also makes it difficult to speak and chew food. In addition, if you decide to live without a few teeth, your other teeth will eventually move into position. That may cause your bite to be off, which may cause several other problems, none of which are good. Fortunately, your dentist has several options for replacing your missing teeth. Dentures and dental bridges are two of the most well-liked options.

If you are missing teeth and need a dental bridge or dentures, contact  Off-Island Dental Care. We offer dental bridges and dentures treatments to restore your smile and enhance oral health. Our skilled dentists specializing in dental bridges and dentures will consult with you to determine the best option for your particular needs and ensure you are satisfied with the outcomes.

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Dentures Vs. Bridges: Which Should I Choose?

Dental Bridges

The “bridge-like” structure of dental bridges gives them their name; placing a dental bridge is similar to creating a natural bridge. A patient must still have one to two healthy teeth on the top or bottom jaw where the bridge will be positioned to use this tooth replacement option. Dental bridges will be placed on top of one or two supporting teeth To fix the gap in your smile to select the gap in your smile Bridges are fixed structures once they are affixed; your dentist is the only person who can remove a bridge to replace or repair it.


dentures vs bridges

Dentures, also known as partials, are removable tooth replacement alternatives that give the patient the freedom to take them out and clean them as necessary. Partial dentures, like dental bridges, need at least one natural tooth to act as a base for support. They include one or more fake teeth to fill in any gaps in the patient’s grin and a plastic base designed to resemble gum tissue for a more realistic appearance. A network of metal or plastic connectors and clasps lock the partial around the supporting tooth to prevent the device from slipping while speaking or eating.

Which is the Best Treatment For Me?

While your dentist at Off-Island Dental Care may go into more detail about the benefits or drawbacks of each treatment option, you can make some general observations about each that can help you start to consider the critical factors.

Dentures benefit patients who have lost other teeth or gum tissue or lack tooth strength for a fixed bridge. Additionally, some patients like dentures because they are simple to take out and clean at home. However, the typical lifespan of this treatment is only five years before they need to be replaced. The shorter lifespan of partial dentures can be a disadvantage for people hoping for long-term restoration.

However, depending on the layout and position of the appliance, dental bridges can endure up to 15 years. Some patients prefer having a fixed device that one cannot remove at home because they believe bridges offer a more seamless appearance and feel. However, not all patients make good candidates for a dental bridge  because the bridge’s support structure needs to be supported by healthy natural teeth. In addition, due to its greater longevity than partials, you can expect bridge treatments to cost more.

dentures vs bridges

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Have a Dental Bridge Instead of Dentures?

You might be able to have a bridge instead of dentures if you still have enough healthy teeth to serve as bridge anchors. However, bridges are sadly impossible if no teeth are present next to the lost tooth or teeth.

When is One Dental Bridge Or a Partial Denture Preferred Over The Other?

Bridges are typically advised when you are missing one or two teeth in a row, but your remaining teeth are healthy because they can only bridge a single gap and require two healthy teeth on either side of the space in your mouth. However, a dental bridge may not be ideal if your other teeth are unhealthy or more susceptible to decay. Partial dentures are frequently used for this. Due to their lower cost and shorter average lifespan than bridges, partial dentures are more straightforward to replace when your oral health requirements change.

We could also suggest partial dentures if you miss three or more teeth. A single partial denture can replace all of your missing teeth, even if they are not directly next to each other, such as when there are one or two healthy teeth between two gaps in your mouth. Due to this, partial dentures are an excellent option for more severe tooth loss.

Are There Other Missing  Teeth Treatment Options?

Yes, dental implants are a second very efficient method of tooth replacement that you can employ. Dental implants are made up of one or more titanium metal rods placed in your jawbone to replace the roots of your natural teeth, followed by a dental prosthesis. Because you may attach a crown, bridge, partial denture, or complete denture to implants to replace anything from a single missing tooth to all of your missing teeth, implants are very adaptable.

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dentures vs bridges

When deciding between partial bridges and dentures, your dentist will consider your dental requirements, way of life, and preferences. Although there are many advantages and disadvantages to bridges over partial dentures, the best treatment is the one that preserves your oral health, returns mouth function, and enhances aesthetic appearance.

At Off-Island Dental Care, our team of knowledgeable and experienced dentists offers a variety of procedures to help you attain and maintain your healthiest, whitest smile. Our dental specialists will discuss these options to help you choose the best and most comfortable treatment. For example, we can assist you in choosing between a fixed bridge and a removable partial denture if you’re trying to replace missing teeth. Make an appointment to review your options and identify the best treatment for your needs.

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