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To Fluoride or Not to Fluoride?

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Plenty of people out there avoid the naturally occurring mineral. We urge you to consider the importance of  your tooth enamel when making the decision to add a little extra at your next teeth cleaning.

Occurring naturally in foods and water, fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. Every day, minerals are added (re-mineralization) and lost (demineralization) from a tooth’s enamel layer. In order to promote healthy teeth, it’s important to have fluoride as a component in our daily diet.

Re-mineralization occurs when minerals such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate are re-deposited to the enamel layer from the foods & water you consume. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to acid attacks caused from bad bacteria and sugar. In addition, fluoride disrupts acid production in already erupted primary and permanent teeth.

When More Fluoride Is Recommended

Frequent Cavities: When cavities occur frequently, one or more a year, fluoride treatments are recommended.

Dry Mouth: The lack of saliva makes it harder for food particles to be washed away and acids to be neutralized. Some medications such as anti-anxiety, high blood pressure, and allergy medications can cause dry mouth.

Gum Disease: Gum disease is also called Periodontitis. When disease is present, it can expose more of your tooth and root to bacteria, causing a greater chance of tooth decay.

Dental Restorations: Dental bridges, braces, and dental crown treatments can put teeth at risk for decay. The point where the tooth crown meets the underlying tooth structure on a dental crown is more likely to harbor bacteria and cause cavities. For orthodontic treatments, the area around the brackets are more likely to develop cavities.


Fluoride Treatment

How Can I Get More Fluoride???

Fluoride is found in foods and water. In addition, it can be applied directly to teeth using toothpastes and mouth rinses. For a stronger strength of fluoride, a doctor’s prescription will be needed.

Fluoride Rich Foods

Cucumbers 491mcg

Grape Juice 460mcg

Spinach 329mcg

Apple Juice 170mcg

Fluoride is safe and highly effective when used as directed but can hazardous at high levels. An individual’s weight is a factor when determining the toxic dosage level. This is why it is especially important for children to be supervised when using fluoride-containing products. Also, excessive fluoride can cause tooth defects. These defects can range from barely noticeable to cosmetically challenged discoloration. Our dentist may be able to lighten or remove these stains professionally.

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