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How Long Do Removable Braces Take

Today, consumers have access to various treatment options and orthodontic tools that may be used to realign and straighten their teeth. With the many types of braces in the market, one available choice is removable ones. They consist of trays made of translucent plastic custom-built to fit over the patient’s teeth. Traditional fixed braces, often known as brackets and wire, are not interchangeable with removable braces. However, they are attractive to many individuals because you may take them out for a few hours throughout the day.

If you are interested to learn more about the different types of orthodontic braces, including removable braces, Contact Off-Island Dental Care. Learn how they compare to fixed orthodontic gear and what kind of tooth repairs removable braces are most suited for. We employ retention techniques used to stabilize teeth’ position after treatment. Schedule a consultation with your orthodontist on the kind of removable braces that will work best for you and the length of time that you should wear them.

What are Removable Braces

The orthodontic disorders that can be corrected with removable braces are held in place by transparent plastic trays that snap in and out of the patient’s mouth. Removable braces can adjust your bite, straighten your teeth, and close gaps between teeth. To complete a course of therapy, you will need to switch out numerous trays about once every few weeks for between 12 and 18 months.

Because they consider the movement of your teeth throughout the treatment, the trays you use during the first few weeks of the process will appear different from the ones you use after the process. The gentle pressure applied to your teeth by these trays helps to shift them into the correct tooth position gradually.

Traditional braces, which provide the orthodontist a greater capacity to regulate the movement of the teeth, are the best option for patients with severely overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, or a severe deep bite problem. In addition, people with conventional braces will often utilize detachable equipment, such as a retainer, to maintain alignment after removing braces.

removable braces Bluffton SC

How Long Do Removable Braces Take

It usually takes six to twelve months, although the exact time frame may depend on your condition. You may need to advance to a set brace to complete your therapy. The time it takes to complete the therapy will increase if sessions are missed or canceled, or the brace is broken many times.

The Many Benefits of Having Removable Braces

The following is a list of perks that come with having detachable braces:

  • They can’t be seen at all.
  • You are free to remove them so that you may eat, drink, and brush your teeth.
  • You have the option of working with an orthodontist in your immediate area, as well as a direct-to-consumer organization that employs a virtual orthodontist.
  • They may be more affordable than regular braces.

How Often Should Removable Braces Be Worn?

It would help if you had removable braces on your teeth most of the time on a given day. Your orthodontic practitioner will conduct frequent examinations of your mouth to monitor the progress and verify that the detachable braces are functioning under the orthodontic treatment plan.

Treatment Using Removable Braces

Braces explicitly designed for the teeth and jaws of children and adolescents may fix misaligned teeth and jaws that are positioned incorrectly. In contrast to fixed braces, detachable braces do not need to be worn at all times. However, it is essential to put in the necessary amount of time.

The position of your teeth or jaws may be rectified if you have crooked teeth or if your upper and lower jaw do not fit together correctly when you shut your mouth. This occurs when your upper and lower jaw does not meet correctly. You can talk about the choices available with an orthodontist, a dentist specializing in orthodontics. Removable or fixed braces are often considered options if treatment is required or if an individual wants to enhance the appearance of their teeth and jaw. Both kinds of braces are worn sequentially by some kids and teens as they straighten their teeth.

Bluffton SC removable braces

Most dental braces are designed to apply pressure to either the teeth or the jaws to progressively shift the teeth and jaws into a new position throughout orthodontic therapy. For example, they pull or push the teeth in the desired direction or exert pressure on the jaws to change their development.

The active treatment phase, during which the orthodontic patient wears braces, is followed by a phase in which the patient uses a device known as a retainer. This is done to stop the teeth from migrating back to their original position once the procedure has been completed. It is crucial to remember that orthodontic treatment time might increase if you decide to wear standard or even detachable braces as an adult.

The Retention Phase

Following the completion of the realignment stage, the retention phase of treatment begins. After the active phase of treatment is complete, the patient will need to continue to use a device called a retainer to ensure that the teeth remain in their new position. If the retention phase were not to take place, they would return to the position they were in previously. Retainers, in contrast to braces, do not move the teeth in any particular direction; instead, they keep the teeth in their proper positions.

How Removable Braces Are Worn

In most cases, removable braces have two plastic plates: one cup-shaped plate is intended for the top jaw, while the other arch-like plate is intended for the lower jaw. Every pair of braces is custom-made for the individual wearing them, and no one else can wear them successfully. The patient sleeps with removable braces in their mouth, much as they do during the day, and wears them for a good portion of the day. You may remove them and place them in a designated storage container whenever you engage in activities such as eating or playing sports. The plastic plates contain a wire component formed like a loop or a U connected to them. These wires can wrap around the teeth and maintain the braces’ position. They do this by exerting pressure against certain teeth to shift their position.

removable braces Bluffton SC

In many cases, the braces also include screws. These screws allow the braces to be broadened gradually once the teeth or jaws have shifted somewhat. This occurs anytime the patient’s bite changes. As a direct consequence of this, the braces will keep applying force. Additionally, the jawbones are susceptible to this kind of effect. For instance, an upper jaw that is too small might have its width progressively increased. At home, children and teens, as well as their parents, can turn the screws on their own. They will get instructions on how to proceed from the doctor. However, in rare cases, the orthodontist adjusts braces during check-up sessions.

Benefits of Having Removable Orthodontic Appliances

It is a relief to be able to remove the orthodontic appliances on occasion. You won’t have to abstain from eating particular kinds of food and may instead continue your regular eating routine. When you brush your teeth, the braces will come off, allowing you to clean your teeth as you would normally thoroughly. But in addition, the braces must be meticulously cleaned with a toothbrush on many occasions each day. You may also use specialized cleaning materials for your orthodontic appliances, such as a powder or a tablet soluble in water, which you can store in a cleaning container or a glass together with the orthodontic appliances.

How to Clean Removable Braces

While there are many cleansing products for braces, there is a simple solution. First, soak your removable braces for fifteen to twenty minutes in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar in equal parts. After removing the item from the soak, clean it with a toothbrush and a gentle cleaner by scrubbing it in a circular motion while applying slight pressure. It is necessary to repeat the process of soaking. Next, repeat the process of cleaning the brush.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Sleep with a Removable Brace?

It is normal and safe to wear detachable braces even when sleeping. Some circumstances in which detachable braces should only be used when sleeping.

Can Removable Braces Fix an Overbite?

Removable braces are sometimes required in the first phases of therapy to rectify an overbite, a crossbite, or both of these issues. Simple detachable braces typically include a plastic plate that fits over the roof of the mouth and metal clasps that fit over a select number of teeth. These components are held in place by elastic bands.

Will Braces Change My Face?

Yes, orthodontic treatment may alter the contour of your jawline and chin, as well as the appearance of your mouth and lips. The actual reshaping of your teeth and bite takes precedence over these consequences; nonetheless, these effects are secondary. Braces can tighten your jawline and teeth, but this process takes time and is not immediately noticeable.

Your Best Option in Dental Services

Consult with your orthodontist on the type of retainer that will work best for you and the length of time you should wear it. At Off-Island Dental Clinic, we will help you decide whether you need a fixed or removable retainer.

Whether you want to know if you are a candidate for detachable braces, only your dentist or orthodontist can assist you in identifying that. So get in touch with an orthodontist here at Off-Island Dental to schedule a consultation and learn more about your many choices for achieving straighter teeth.

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