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How to Decide Between a Dental Bridge, Implants or Dentures

How to Decide Between a Dental Bridge, Implants, or Dentures | Off Island Dental

Missing teeth can not only be a sign of health issues; they can also impact your overall physical health and self-esteem, especially if you look older than you are. In addition, you might lose some of your teeth, including genetics, gum diseases, tooth decay, trauma, medications, and even oral cancer. These medical conditions require proper care and periodic dental visits. Dental Bridge Bluffton SC

Off Island Dental Care can help you get back that healthy smile. We will guide you toward the best choice and thoroughly describe tooth replacement procedures. In addition, our team is happy to address any queries and assist you in determining whether dental implants or dentures are the best options for you.

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Teeth Replacement Options

If you’re considering replacing missing teeth, many different options are available. So what are the differences between dental bridges, implants, and dentures? Here’s some information to help you make the right choice for yourself.

Dental Bridge

A traditional bridge is a set of artificial teeth supported by metal posts anchored into adjacent teeth. To construct one, a dentist removes some of the patient’s existing teeth and replaces them with false teeth that connect like a chain. They look natural, and most importantly, they protect against decay. If you have lost one or several teeth due to injury, disease, or old age, a dental bridge can restore the function and appearance of your smile.

This treatment typically takes three visits, one to prepare the gums and another to attach the new teeth. Most patients don’t require anesthesia.

There are different types of bridges depending on how much space between your remaining teeth. Some bridges require no preparation, while others require minor work, such as filing off rough spots on the teeth. Sometimes, a temporary bridge might be needed during the healing process.

The cost of a dental bridge varies based on where you live and whether you want to use local or national insurance coverage. You can find out about the costs and benefits here.

Your dentist will take your teeth impressions to create a mold if you decide on a dental bridge. These molds are delivered to the lab, where a technician builds the bridge. Your dentist will affix it to your existing teeth once it arrives at your office.

Dental Bridge,


A dental implant is a small titanium post inserted into the jawbone surgically. A crown is affixed to it to make it resemble a normal tooth. This enables the artificial tooth to bond permanently with the bone.

Implants are used for tooth loss because of trauma, periodontal disease, or gum recession. It is an excellent alternative to dentures.

An implant procedure involves placing the implants in the upper or lower jawbone. After the implants heal, the dentist makes a hole in the gums and places the artificial tooth. Implants are generally considered permanent, although they do require periodic maintenance.

The procedure takes about four hours, and most patients require general anesthesia. Afterward, healing usually requires six months. After that, patients must wear a temporary crown while the bone heals around the implant. Once cured, the patient receives a final crown.


Denture wearers often report feeling self-conscious about wearing false teeth. While dentures can be very effective, they are only sometimes appropriate for everyone. For example, people with allergies to certain metals should avoid metal dentures. In addition, people with a weak immune system should consider removable dentures rather than traditional complete dentures. Contact Off Island Dental Clinic to learn more about the types of dentures we offer.

How to Choose Between Dental Implants and Bridges

A dental implant and a traditional fixed bridge are both ways to replace missing teeth. Both methods offer patients natural-looking results, though there are some differences between the two procedures.

A dental implant requires a surgical procedure to place it into the jawbone. This method offers immediate stability and long-term support. However, it takes longer to heal compared to a traditional bridge.

On the other hand, a traditional bridge does not require oral surgery. Instead, it relies on metal posts and dental crowns to stabilize the space where the tooth used to be. Though this option is less invasive, the patient must wear a retainer for several months following placement.

Dental Bridge,

Implants and Bridges: Benefits of Each

A bridge involves more than just replacing one missing tooth. Depending on the kind of bridge you choose, it could involve several teeth. For example, a removable partial denture requires three teeth—two abutment teeth and one pontic tooth. If both abutments are healthy, then there is no problem. However, a fixed bridge might be better suited if one abutment needs extensive restoration.

If the abutment teeth are good candidates for implant placement, then a fixed bridge is an excellent option because it doesn’t require the removal of healthy teeth. In addition, implants provide a strong foundation upon which the prosthesis sits, making it less likely to fall out.

In some cases, a bridge may be the only option. Without waiting for the bone around the root to recover, a single tooth can be replaced with an immediate loading single crown. This enables us to insert the crown while the patient is dozing off rapidly.

Using a bridge or an implant depends on many factors, including location, size of the space, number of remaining natural teeth, surrounding teeth, and overall oral health.

Dental Implant and Dental Bridge Care

A dental bridge is a type of restorative dentistry where one or several crowns cover a gap in a patient’s smile caused by a missing tooth. A dental bridge has at least three connected crowns to support the remaining natural teeth. One end of the bridge connects to the gums, while the other ends are attached to adjacent teeth. This restoration requires careful attention to hygiene because there are no gaps between the crowns, making it difficult to brush and floss effectively.

An implant replaces the root of a missing tooth and provides stability for a replacement tooth. An implant is surgically attached to the jawbone and acts like a small post that supports a crown. Unlike a traditional bridge, an implant does not require neighboring teeth to hold up the structure; therefore, it eliminates the possibility of shifting or breaking off during chewing. However, placing an implant typically takes longer than placing a typical bridge, so it is advised that you hold off on treatment for at least six months.

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Which Lasts Longer?

The materials used to make dental implants are much stronger than those used to build bridges. This makes the implants more resilient and long-lasting. They are also less likely to break down over time compared to bridges. As a result, implants might be the path to go if you’re searching for a long-term fix.

Bridges vs. Implants: Cost

The price of dental implants and dental bridges varies widely. While most people opt for implants because they believe it’s less expensive, there are many factors behind this. For example, the price of dental implants depends on the following:

– the number of teeth being replaced

– whether the patient needs multiple implants

– the material used to make the implants

– the size of each implant

– where the patient lives

Regardless of what type of prosthetic teeth option, practicing proper oral care is essential. Remember that you’ll always need to brush and floss regularly to keep your gums healthy. And remember regular maintenance checkups with your dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Should You Refrain From Eating With a Dental Bridge?

The most significant risk of harm to dental bridges comes from sticky foods like caramel, gum, and chewy candies, mainly if the bridge is new and has not fully connected with neighboring teeth.

Who Doesn’t Make A Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

A patient who has experienced severe bone volume loss due to illness or the prolonged loss of their natural teeth cannot be a candidate for dental implants. This is because they do not have enough bone to support an implant adequately.

Do Dental Bridges Look Natural?

Dental bridges do look natural. You can only tell whether someone has a dental bridge if you mention it to them. One of the best things about a fixed dental bridge is how natural-looking and seamless they are.

Long-Term Tooth Replacement Solutions

Tooth loss can be devastating. You might think you’ll never smile again. At Off Island Dental Clinic, our solutions are designed to help restore your teeth. So if you’re considering replacing one or more missing teeth, look no further. Off Island Dental Clinic offers long-term tooth replacement options for patients. We provide full mouth reconstruction using dental implants. Off Island Dental Clinic’s tooth replacement solutions provide natural-looking smiles without hurting your budget. Our experienced dentists use state-of-the-art technology to ensure we deliver the highest quality care. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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