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Dental Emergencies Bluffton SC

How to Handle 4 Common Dental Emergencies

What to Do During Common Dental Emergencies in Bluffton, SC

When damages to the teeth occur, whether from an accident or poor dental care like regular tooth brushing, one may experience unbearable pain, and there is a need for an immediate emergency dental checkup. Many medical emergencies require an emergency dentist when jaw, gum, or tooth trauma is involved. Emergency treatment is essential. They can be so severe that going to the emergency department is necessary. You must seek dental care as soon as possible following the trauma to avoid postponing treatment. Dental Emergencies Bluffton SC

We handle various dental emergencies at Off Island Dental Care Clinic, including shattered teeth and excruciating toothaches. Please contact our office as soon as something seems off and you need immediate dental emergencies needs to reduce long-term harm to your dental health. Learn more about our treatment options to alleviate pain and bring your healthy smile back.

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How to Handle 4 Common Dental Emergencies in Bluffton, SC

There are a few common forms of a trauma you can experience when you get into a dental emergency. If you are not sure what to do, follow these tips:

1. Injuries to Teeth

A broken tooth can be an annoyance and an inconvenience. Making sure that the blood stops flowing is the most crucial thing you can do for knocked-out teeth. This is because blood from the tooth roots flow causes swelling and pressure inside the mouth, which could cause further damage to the permanent tooth. To stop the bleeding at these soft tissues, place a washcloth over the gums around the affected area, and press firmly against the face to apply pressure. You can use a piece of gauze or even paper towels. If primary teeth are involved, they will be replaced by adult teeth.

You can rinse the mouth with warm salt water to clear out any leftover material, any signs of tooth loosening, or if the tooth cannot be recovered immediately. Next, clean the tooth fragment with cold water and check whether there are signs of infection. If necessary, take your child to see a pediatric dentist. For severe cases involving traumatized teeth, consider calling 911.

Bluffton SC Dental Emergencies

2. Broken or Cracked Tooth

Another dental trauma that should be taken care of soon after it happens is a broken or cracked tooth. Again, this could occur due to trauma, such as chewing on something hard, or even just regular wear and tear. If you notice a crack or chip in your permanent tooth and a tooth fragment falls out, don’t panic. Without visiting the dentist, you can still take care of it yourself at home.

For emergency purposes, gargle thoroughly with warm water to clean off debris and bacteria from the fractured tooth. Then, use a soft brush to scrub any remaining food particles stuck inside the knocked-out teeth gently. Once done, apply a cold compress over the affected area. This will help reduce any swelling or tooth sensitivity. Finally, call your local dentist to schedule an appointment.

3. Periodontal Abscess

One common type of dental emergency is an abscess. A periodontal abscess occurs when bacteria enter an adult tooth and cause dental infections. This may also result in recurring bad breath. A tooth abscess is most frequently caused by ignoring a cavity. However, an injury or an old filling can sometimes lead to an abscess and give you sensitive teeth. A dental abscess usually starts small and grows over time. The effects of infection can leave a bad taste as it spreads throughout the jawbone and forms pockets of pus. Oral pain may persist, but you can be prescribed proper pain medication. In some cases, you may also need oral antibiotics.

If you are experiencing oral pain or traumatized teeth, see your dentist immediately for definitive treatment. First, he can diagnose whether there is a problem with the tooth or surrounding tissue. Then, if a tooth extraction is needed, he can perform a root canal procedure to save the tooth. Root canals are very successful procedures. They can prevent future infections and help keep the tooth healthy and intact.

4. Severe Toothache

Have persistent tooth pain, sensitive teeth, and need immediate dental treatment? You can ease your discomfort before scheduling an appointment with our office.

First, rinse your mouth with hot water to flush out the area and get it cleaned. Next, gently use floss around each tooth to remove any food debris stuck between your teeth. If swishing with warm water doesn’t work for your sensitive teeth, feel free to call us so we can address the problem sooner rather than later. You might need to be prescribed oral antibiotics. Pain medication may also be given to you.

Dental Emergencies Bluffton SC

What to Do During Common Dental Emergencies in Bluffton, SC

f you have a dental issue, such as a toothache, gum disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth, broken teeth, or anything else that could inflict pain or infection, we want to ensure you know how to handle it yourself. However, we know that accidents sometimes happen, and you may not feel well enough to visit the dentist. So, the following advice should be kept in mind:

1. Get in touch with us right away to schedule a dental examination. Waiting too long may be risky.

2. Call 911 or visit the emergency room of the closest hospital if you think you may be experiencing a medical emergency.

3. For minor emergencies, such as bleeding gums, swollen teeth, broken fillings, and cracked crowns, we recommend calling our office first thing in the morning because we are often booked well into the afternoon.

4. In most cases, we can treat your mouth injury without taking x-rays. However, if there is severe swelling around your jaw bone or facial bones, it could indicate a serious problem like a fracture or infection.

5. If you cannot afford regular visits to a dentist, consider signing up for a dental insurance policy. Many policies cover routine checkups, cleanings, root canal therapy, and extractions. Some even offer discounts on major procedures.

6. Avoid overuse of mouthwash. Mouthwashes contain alcohol, which dries out your mouth and makes it even tougher to treat infections.

7. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water. This helps loosen food particles stuck under your tongue.

8. Use a soft brush to clean your teeth. A stiff brush can cause damage to your gums.

9. Brush your teeth twice daily, morning and night.

10. Floss every day. Plaque builds up on the sides and underneath your teeth, causing bacteria to multiply and form tartar. Tartar buildup creates cavities and gum disease.

Oral hygiene is essential for overall health. Dental care should always be on your priority list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the First Aid for Teeth Pain?

First aid for teeth pain starts by putting warm water in your mouth to rinse. Next, use dental floss to eliminate plaque or food fragments stuck between your teeth. To ease the discomfort, consider taking an over-the-counter (OTC) medication. Avoid applying aspirin or any other analgesic directly to your gums because it could cause gum tissue burns.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Any dental issue requiring urgent care to stop bleeding, lessen excruciating pain, or save a tooth is considered a dental emergency. This also holds for serious infections.

What is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

Toothaches are the most common dental emergency. It might result from tooth grinding or even a potential cavity. If you have a toothache, floss the area to check for any food fragments or other objects that could be lodged there and cause irritation. It would help if you also rinse your mouth out with warm water.

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Your Prompt Dental Emergency Clinic

If you are experiencing a dental problem like tooth decay, gum disease, broken teeth, cracked fillings, missing teeth, etc., we recommend seeing a dentist immediately for an initial evaluation. At Off Island Dental, we understand how crucial it is to receive immediate attention for your oral health concerns. We’ll discuss the best treatment method, offer convenient hours, and accept most insurance plans. For dental emergencies, call us immediately.

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