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Dental fillings are a material that is used to restore teeth with cavities. It’s not uncommon to be diagnosed with a cavity. And, the Dental Filling treatment is simple and easy.

The first step is to start with the numbing process, usually an injection. Sometimes a patient is given nitrous oxide to become relaxed for the procedure.The next step: the dentist removes out all of the decay from infected area. Lastly, filling material is used to restore the tooth.

Many patients leave this appointment numb in the lips and gums, but the medicine wears off in just a few hours. During this time Dental Filling, be careful not to chew on your lip or cheek.

It is important to visit the general dentist regularly to check for tooth decay. If there is a hole, or cavity, has formed it needs attention Dental Fillings. A worn-out filling may need to be replaced as well. This is another reason to make sure you make your dental appointments. The cavity can result in pain and an abscess tooth. More severe problems such as bone loss may occur if a cavity is not restored.

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Dental Fillings Procedure Prescriptions

There are several over the counter and prescription toothpastes available should you be sensitive after the Dental Filling procedure. It is normal for the restored tooth and surrounding teeth to be sensitive to heat and cold. The discomfort could last as long as two weeks, but usually it is a painless Dental Fillings procedure so you don’t have to worry.

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