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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaningsteeth cleanings

Teeth Cleanings, also known as a ‘Prophy’ which is short for prophylaxis, is a regular cleaning every six months that you get at a dental office. This keeps patients in good health and prevents illnesses, both orally and for the entire body. During a regular dental cleaning, the dentist or dental hygienist will examine the mouth.
At a prophy appointment, tarter and plaque is removed from above the gum line. Either a hand instrument or a piece of machinery (ultrasonic instrument called a cavitron) cleans the outside and in between teeth.

When there is tarter and plaque present, it is likely that cavities will manifest. In addition to preventing cavities, having a regular teeth cleaning removes stain. Teeth and gums are cleaned and then polished. Prophys are part of hygiene therapy and should be scheduled twice a year. Most insurance companies cover prophys as long as they are six months and one day since the last appointment.

Teeth Cleanings

A healthy mouth is pink in color, depending on the ethnicity of the patient. They are not deep red or inflamed. The patient’s gums do not bleed when they brush their teeth. When the gums are probed by the dentist or hygienist, it is not uncomfortable. To that end, when probing occurs in a healthy mouth, the pockets are no deeper than 3mm.

Pockets have been referred to as the ‘turtle neck sweater’ shaped spaced in between the gum tissue and teeth. The level of the gums meets the crown of the tooth enamel, thus gum tissue covers the space between the teeth. In a healthy mouth, no dark triangles are visible between the teeth. Again, a healthy mouth has no more than a 3mm pocket. During a regular dental visit, probing is done once a year.


Gross Debridement

If a patient has not frequently had their teeth cleaned, they may need a Gross Debridement. During this procedure, the tarter that has built up over time is removed. It’s vital for the dentist and hygienist to be able to see the full condition of the teeth and propose further treatments. Generally, a Gross Debridement takes about one hour to complete.
While a Gross Debridement takes longer than a regular teeth cleaning appointment, it will likely cause a bit of tenderness in your gums. If a patient is uncomfortable, it is important that s/he ask the dental team for pain management anesthetic. A patient who has had a Gross Debridement will want to take special care to ensure that teeth don’t get coated in dense tartar deposits again. To maintain good oral hygiene, brush and floss at least twice per day. In addition, cleaning the tongue is a good oral hygiene habit. Brushing the teeth and cleaning the plaque between the teeth by flossing regularly, will decrease cavities. Remember, good oral health creates good whole body health.

Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling & Root Planing (SRP) is also called a “deep cleaning” and goes under the surface of the gums. It is a procedure that is used for patients who have been diagnosed with Periodontal Disease. This procedure is the first attempt to non-surgically remove the disease. This SRP process requires local anesthetic which will numb the section(s) of the mouth that will be worked on. The numbing will prevent the patient from feeling pain, but s/he will feel pressure from the procedure and dental instruments.

This fights disease in two major ways: by removing plaque and by smoothing out the areas of teeth where bacteria harbors and manifests. The earlier a patient starts treating gum disease, the better. It is also more likely that the patient will have a better chance of not undergoing surgery. Often, it requires multiple visits because it is done by sections of the mouth. Follow up visits will ensure that the cleaning has worked properly. Once the deep cleaning has taken place, polishing will remove any stains. SRP increases the likelihood of keeping teeth. Once the procedure of Scaling & Root Planing is complete, the Dentist or Registered Dental Hygienist will provide the patient with aftercare instructions.

Keep Your Dental Hygiene AppointmentTeeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleanings are one of the most important things you can do for your health. Schedule an appointment and makes sure to keep it. All dental cleaning services maintain dental hygiene and keep the mouth healthy & clean. If it’s been awhile since a patient has visited the dental office, or if periodontal disease has been diagnosed, more intense cleanings more often will be recommended. Communication is key: Make sure you keep up with proper maintenance after cleanings to maintain optimal oral health.

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Teeth Cleaning


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