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Tooth Extractions

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Tooth Extraction : There is often a need of removing or extracting teeth that have been damaged and decayed.

The process of pulling teeth involve removing them from the gum and bone that hold them in place in a person’s mouth. Consulting a dentist is essential for professional intervention.

Dr. Langehans and his staff help patients determine if a tooth needs to be pulled and the appropriate restoration treatment that must be done in its place (for example, adding a dental implant or a bridge).

Reasons of Choosing Tooth Extraction

There are a number of reasons why one or more teeth should be removed:


A person who has a decayed tooth which is beyond repair or severely infected would require a Tooth Extraction.

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Cracked Tooth

A person cracks his/her tooth and its roots are not healthy. The best thing to do is to remove that tooth for the purpose of keeping  infection from spreading to other teeth or gums.

Dentist Recommendation

Dr. Langehans may recommend a Tooth Extraction as a preparation for braces or other orthodontic procedures.

Wisdom Teeth Crowding

Many people find that incoming rear molars which are known to many as “wisdom teeth” are crowding other teeth and need to be removed to reduce pain and swelling. They may also impair the positioning of other healthy teeth.

Tooth Extraction Expectations Made With Extracting Teeth

The skills of an experienced dentist like Dr. Langehans is critical for several reasons

Tooth Extraction Bluffton SC

•There need for an application of a local or general anesthetic for the objective of reducing the pain to help remove the tooth.

The need to grasp the tooth with forceps, and rock the tooth back and forth until it is loosened from the gum. In serious cases, a tooth may be broken into pieces prior to the period of time that it is removed.

With any procedure, the recovery period may be a  number days depending on each person’s own  recovery period and the kind of procedure that was performed. The factors involved with extracting teeth should always be considered by a professional like Dr. Langehans.

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