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Dental prophylaxis  is a common treatment done to carefully clean your teeth and gums. Prophylaxis stops the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Benefits You Get from Dental Prophylaxis

The following are the benefits you get from dental prophylaxis: Teeth Cleaning

Plaque Removal

Buildup of plaque and tartar can cause serious periodontal issues. Tartar and plaque is a common problem. Even those who regularly floss are not safe from this issue. This is the reason why you will always need a decent dental specialist or hygienist who uses specific dental tools.

Healthy Looking Smile

Healthy smile is essential to all. Stain and yellow teeth are among the hindrance to have that awesome grin. This can be solved by a simple prophylaxis which is a powerful Teeth Cleaning treatment, freeing teeth of these unattractive stains.

Fresher Breath

An overall sign of progressing periodontal sickness is “bad breath.” Terrible breath (halitosis) results from the blend of spoiling food particles (likely under the gum line) and potential gangrene coming from gum infection. Bad breath can be prevented and addressed removal of all these contaminants.

Teeth Cleaning in Bluffton, SC: Knowing More about Dental Prophylaxis

Dental Prophylaxis is a typical routine performed at Off-Island Dental. As preventive measures, Dr. Langehans suggests that dental prophylaxis ought to be done or performed twice every year. Be that as it may, for the periodontitis victims, it ought to be done each three to four months (3-4 months). It is crucial for observe that gum sickness can’t be totally switched, in any case, dental prophylaxis is one of the apparatuses used to adequately stop its movement.

Teeth Cleaning and Gum Cleaning

There are various types of Teeth Cleaning offered by Off-Island Dental. Some of our patients lean toward a cleaning with hand instruments, and others favor our sonic cleaner.

We utilize a mild and gentle abrasive stream of air and water system to eliminate those problematic stains that most cleanings won’t eliminate.

Tell us what kind of cleanings you have had, what you have loved or liked and any worries you have with respect to having your teeth cleaned. We might want to realize you are OK with each methodology in our office.

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