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How To Make Your Dental Fillings Lasts?

With dental fillings, your dentist treat a cavity by removing decayed portion of the tooth and fill the area. Dental professionals can use gold, porcelain, silver amalgam or tooth-colored, plastic, and materials called composite resin fillings in the process.

The first step to dental filling procedure is numbing the teeth area usually with an injection. Sometimes a patient is given nitrous oxide to become relaxed for the procedure. Then the dentist removes all tooth decay from the infected area. Lastly, filling material is used to restore the tooth.

Numbing of lips and gums are normal after the procedure. It can last only for a few hours.

The patient should be careful to after their Dental Filling procedure. They should not to chew on their lip or cheek until the fillings are completely healed or settled.

Regular dental appointments is important following your dental filling treatment.

Hilton Head, SC Dental Filling Procedure Prescriptions

It is also normal for the restored tooth and surrounding teeth to be sensitive to heat and cold a few days after the procedure. The discomfort could last for up to two weeks. After that, it will feel like just a normal teeth so you don’t have to worry.

There are also several over the counter and prescription toothpastes available should you be sensitive after the Dental Filling procedure.

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