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Periodontal Disease Hilton Head, SC

Periodontal Disease Hilton Head

Periodontal Disease is an infection in the gums that can slowly destroy your natural teeth. Commonly, this is due to toxins or poisons produced by the bacteria in the mouth. Plaque that cause the gums to turn red, swell, and bleed easily is another cause of periodontal disease.

Prolonging periodontal disease may lead to more serious dental problem. Worst, it can also cause tooth loss.

The following are the other significant factors that affect the health of your gums include:

⦁ Diabetes

⦁ Grinding and clenching teeth

⦁ Medication

⦁ Poor nutrition

⦁ Smoking

⦁ Stress

Periodontal Disease Treatment & Maintenance in Hilton Head, SC

Those diagnosed with the disease need periodontal disease treatment and maintenance and cleaning every three to six months.

Among the periodontal disease treatment you can try is scaling and root planing. An additional round of scaling and root planning generally is needed to bring back healthy teeth if the patient has been missing periodontal disease treatment maintenance appointments.

In your periodontal maintenance appointments, a localized antibiotic called “Arestin” may be needed.

During a Periodontal Disease Treatment maintenance appointments, you will be provided with:

⦁ Special attention given to problem areas.

⦁ Ways to improve home care through hygiene instructions,

A dialogue on how to best stop the progression of gum disease and reverse its effects.

The Significance of Oral Hygiene in Periodontal Disease Treatment

Since periodontal disease is extremely common, particularly among adults over 35, it is important to practice oral hygiene regularly.

Dental professionals have said that the best way to prevent cavities and periodontal disease is through good teeth brushing and flossing techniques.  Regular professional examinations and cleanings can also help.

Bacterial plaque causes both the periodontal disease and decay. Constantly, the plaque forms on your teeth. The germs can be removed  by daily brushing and flossing and that would help prevent periodontal disease.

If this disease starts, professional periodontal disease treatment intervention is essential in preventing its progress.

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