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Dental Prophylaxis is a common dental procedure at Off Island Dental.

Dr. Langehans recommends that dental prophylaxis should be done twice annually and every three to four months for those with dental problems. Dental prophylaxis of teeth cleaning effectively prevents a lot of dental problems. However, take note that gum and dental problems cannot be completely reversed with dental cleaning alone.

Teeth cleaning is also one effective in teeth whitening.

Top 3 Benefits You Get from Dental Prophylaxis of Teeth Cleaning

Healthier Looking Smile

Teeth Cleaning treatment can help remove stains and yellowed teeth.

Fresher Breath

Fresh breath signifies healthy mouth. Dental prophylaxis removes residue, plaque, calculus and bacteria from the mouth which causes bad breath.

Plaque Removal

Tartar buildup and plaque often cause serious periodontal problems. These problems can be prevented with dental prophylaxis.

It is advised to have teeth cleaning with professionals for they have specialized dental equipment. Their Teeth Cleaning expertise and equipment will ensure that no residue will remain in your mouth.

Teeth Cleaning in Hilton Head, SC: Understanding Dental Prophylaxis Better

Types of Teeth Cleaning and Gum Cleaning

We offer different types of Teeth Cleanings at Off-Island Dental. Most patients prefer a cleaning with hand instruments, and others prefer our sonic cleaner.

We use a mild and gentle abrasive stream of air and water procedure to remove those troublesome stains that most cleanings will not remove.

Let us know what type of cleanings you like and we will answer any of your concerns. We are willing to know provide you details of our dental procedues.

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