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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction is needed when your teeth have been damaged and decayed. During extraction, tooth is removed from the gum and bone.

This procedure needs professional intervention that is why consulting a dentist is always essential.

Dr. Langehans and his team has been helping patients in Hilton Head, SC with their tooth extraction needs. They provide patients extraction services and offer different restoration treatments.

Choosing Tooth Extraction: Reasons Why Should Do It?

There are a several reasons why one or more teeth should be removed. Here are some of these factors:


A tooth extraction is needed by a person who has a decayed tooth which is beyond repair or severely infected.

Dentist Recommendation

Dr. Langehans may recommend a Tooth Extraction as a preparation for braces or other orthodontic procedures.

Wisdom Teeth Crowding

Molars or “wisdom teeth” may crowd and impair the positioning of other teeth. They also are cause pain and swelling. To address it, tooth extraction must be done.

Tooth Extraction.

Cracked Tooth

A person cracks his/her tooth and its roots are not healthy. The best thing to do is to remove that tooth for the purpose of keeping infection from spreading to other teeth or gums.

Tooth extraction can be painful. So general anesthetic is always necessary.

Forceps are often used to remove the teeth. The tooth is rocked back and forth until it is loosened from the gum. In serious cases, a tooth may be broken into pieces before it is removed.

The number of days to heal vary on every person. It depends on their capacity to heal and on what type procedure they acquired.

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