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Clear Removable Braces Okatie, SC

Clear Removable Braces

Removable Clear Braces Okatie, SC: Transparent Braces For A Seamless Smile

Getting a perfect smile does not always need to be exaggerated. With Removable Clear Braces you can. You can give anyone a better smile without being too vulgar.

With removable clear braces, you can enhance your smile without any trace.

– This relatively new treatment is getting more attention compared to the traditional wire brackets.

– Removable clear braces also look a lot like professional bleaching trays but are less visible.

– Contours of removable clear braces are smooth, so you don’t have to worry of getting scrape on the lips, cheek, and tongue.

Get That Super Simple With Removable Clear Braces in Okatie, SC

Our process starts with a 3D impressions of the customer’s teeth. Impressions are then sent to a manufacturer-specific lab. With technology, the lab fabricates custom-fit removable clear braces. Once ready, customers have to check if it fits their mouth perfectly.

Each aligner is modified to apply tension on the particular teeth that should be moved in the proper order. The patient have to wear a new set of aligners for a specified period. However, it must be removed when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.  With each new set, the teeth gradually adjust and slowly realign to the ideal position.

For every visit, we as dental professional provides assessment of the progress of the treatment.

Take note thought that treatment time with clear braces is a case to case bases. A standard prescription requires 20 to 30 aligners for the upper and lower jaws. Treatment for moderate cases requires approximately 32 steps of treatment. Removable clear braces are usually worn from 18 to 24 months, sometimes even longer.

Clear braces may not be for anyone though. If you want to know if removable clear braces is right for you, just visit our clinic. We can surely tell you how you can improve your smile.

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