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Get Rid of Discolored Spotty Teeth We Can Fix That With Dental Microabrasion Okatie, SC

Yes, you can get rid of that chalky spots and discolorations on your teeth. With Dental Microabrasion, dental professionals remove enamel discolorations and preserve tooth structure.

Dental Microabrasion method is known as a safe, minimal treatment to correct discolored teeth. Basically, the process is known as “peeling.” Stains are restricted to the enamel layer and become discolored. Once the dentist applies a mild acid compound, he then gently scrubs out the stain with a textured polisher. The process is completed several times, each time lasting about 10 seconds. Lastly, if all else fails, there will be an option for veneers or crowns.

Cause of Discoloration

  1. Acid. If you drink lots of sports drinks, carbonated soda, lemonade or apple cider vinegar, your teeth may be prone to white spots. A highly acidic diet can eat away your teeth’s enamel.
  2. Dry mouth. Prescription drugs, certain medical conditions, the use of tobacco, and breathing through your mouth when sleeping are among the factors resulting to dry mouth.
  3. Poor Oral Hygiene. Not maintaining a sound oral hygiene may result to decalcification and cavities, causing tooth enamel to dissolve. Plaque buildup due to poor oral hygiene also cause teeth discoloration.
  4. Celiac Disease. Those with this immune disease usually exhibit enamel problems.  Celiac disease often lead to undersized, yellowing, and discoloration of teeth.
  5. Excessive Fluoride (fluorosis). Too much fluoride may bring harm than good. Excessive fluoride consumption cause the teeth to develop white spots.
  6. Genetics. White spots on your teeth could also be caused by genetic disorders.

Braces. Those who have braces with poor oral hygiene are also prone to teeth discoloration. Lack of care during treatment can cause unwanted spots, stains, and decay. Braces make it hard to reach plaque, so it is important to practice good oral care.

Dental MicroAbrasion in Okatie, SC is the Solution To Enamel MicroAbrasion

We may suggest microabrasion at your next appointment, but feel free to bring it up with us, too.

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