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Oral Surgery
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Contrary to what most people believe, Oral Surgery is a common oral surgery in a general dental practice.

In fact, Oral Surgery has become very common that there’s no need to wait to get an appointment. Here are some oral procedure examples:


⦁ It is often done to remove wisdom teeth. Removing these back teeth allows for more space in the jaw. However, they can also become impacted, or grown sideways.

⦁ Tooth decay, fracture, or trauma to a tooth may also requires tooth extraction.

⦁ Orthodontic treatment may also require tooth extraction.

What’s Trending: Dental Implants

Dental implant is one of the most popular dental procedure. It provides stability or replaces missing teeth. Dental implant treatment is only done by a dental professional. A typical dental implant restoration is composed of a titanium material screw and a crown. And, the recovery process is similar to a tooth extraction.

The Steps of The Dental Implant

A pilot hole, which is small in diameter, is drilled where the tooth is missing and into the jawbone.  It is important not to damage the jaw and face structure, so the expertise is vital.

The first step prepares the pilot hole for the implant screw. The titanium screw serves as a vessel, known as the implant. The gum tissue is then secured over the implant with stitches. Alternatively, a cover for the screw may be placed, known as the healing abutment. This allows the site to heal.

The patient have to return to the dentist when it is time to uncover the implant. The next step is to attach what is known as the healing abutment, if it hasn’t already been placed. An abutment serves as a place to allow the future impression of the dental crown by pushing back the gum tissue.

The last stage of the dental implant process is to fabricate a dental crown for the implant. The dental crown becomes the template to which the gum will continue to grow and shape.

Maintaining regular hygiene visits in conjunction with proper self-care, an implant has the ability to last for several years.

Caring For The Dental Implant

Surely you would want the dental implant to last after the investment of time and money spent.

A dental implant needs care and the same maintenance that natural teeth should. For top-notch condition Oral Surgery, extreme oral hygiene is essential. Tartar and plaque build up tend to accumulate more rapidly to the implant abutment than to the natural tooth. It’s important to floss and brush properly in between hygiene re-care.

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