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Deep cavity or crack in the tooth often leads to infection and inflammation, sometimes teeth rot. When swelling and pain occur, one solution for your problem might be Root Canal Therapy. It is one of the most common dental procedure.

The root canal is the space from the pulp chamber or the center of the tooth, to its root. Teeth can have anywhere from one to four chambers, all depending on the anatomy of the tooth. For example, molars can have 2 to 4 chambers whereas a premolar may have only 1 or 2 chambers. The cupids have 1 or 2 and incisors generally have just one canal. Anytime there is an extra canal it is referred to as an “accessory canal.” The chamber inside of these little canals contain nerves, which comes from the pulp chamber itself.

It may take several appointments  to successfully complete the Root Canal Therapy.

You can expect the following procedures during Root Canal Therapy in Okatie, SC

⦁ A digital x-ray is taken to check the problem. This x-ray displays the entire tooth and provides accurate information for the procedure needed.

⦁ A plastic shield, known as a rubber dam, will be placed over your mouth. This keeps the tooth very dry just before the final steps of the procedure. This also keeps your saliva and dental solutions isolated from the area being worked on. The tooth is then disinfected.

⦁ A small hole is drilled into the tooth of the area known as the pulp chamber. The chamber is where the nerves are located. The infection in the pulp chamber is removed with tiny files. This is done using a dental handpiece called a “rotary instrument.” It can also be performed by hand.

⦁ At this point, another digital x-ray may be taken. This allows the dental team to see the length of the roots. It is crucial for all the nerves to be removed so there is no reinfection. The dentist gets as close to the tip to remove all of the nerve and is usually the longest part of the procedure.

⦁ Once completely clean, the tooth is then dried with tiny paper. A material is then placed into the tooth. This material is called gutta percha. It is designed to seal the inside of the tooth.

⦁ A temporary or permanent filling will be put in the tooth once all decay is removed. Usually a dental crown is recommended for the tooth. Since the blood supply can no longer reach the tooth, it often becomes brittle. This can cause a cracked tooth. A crown allows the opportunity to restore a tooth to more solid function.

Generally, Root Canal Therapy involves opening the tooth and removing any damaged pulp. Cleaning, shaping, and filling the tooth are also steps in the process of a root canal. Lastly, the tooth is sealed.

Once the anesthesia  has worn off, the tooth may be sore for a while. Patients may take over the counter drugs for the pain or your dentist may suggest an antibiotics at this point to clean up any remaining infection. It is important to finish all antibiotic medications as prescribed by the dentist.

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