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Root canal therapy

The Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapyOne of the most common beliefs about dental care is that root canal therapy is painful. However, it’s a relatively painless procedure and has many benefits for your oral health. Root canal therapy involves removing diseased tissue from inside the tooth and filling it with an inert material to prevent further infection. It will require one or two visits to our office, which means you can go back to enjoying your favorite dishes in no time!

Many people are scared they will lose their teeth after this procedure; however, there are ways we can use a post-endodontic treatment such as crowns, bridges, or implants to preserve natural teeth and keep them healthy.

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Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy

Below are some of the benefits of root canal therapy. Read on to find out. 

1. It Prevents Spread Of Bacteria To The Neighboring Tooth

Unfortunately, toothaches and cavities are often the results of infection. Without treatment, this can increase to a state where the pain is unbearable. At the same time, it spreads from tooth-to-teeth or cavity to cavity in an aggressively threatening manner that will eventually lead to your entire mouth striking with nagging discomfort.

If you get root canal therapy, the bacteria that causes the infection will be removed.  

2. Aesthetic Appeal

It can be tough to smile when you have broken or decaying teeth, but a root canal will help with pain and infection without making the situation worse. In addition, there are many different options for fillings after a tooth is extracted, including crowns that offer protection for your newly erupted permanent ones.

3. Protects Your Teeth

Root canal treatments are perfect for those who want to maintain clean and healthy teeth. Off Island Dental Care is your only choice when it comes to these procedures because they can stop any issues before they start by getting everything nice, neat, and tidy from the get-go. It’s not just about managing pain with a root canal; your mouth will stay as beautiful as you always wanted it to be!

4. Promotes A Better Oral Health

Research has shown that the health of your mouth is closely tied to the general well-being of your entire body. It means you must take care of dental issues and pay attention if any discomfort or pain arises in their absence. If any such signs are present, get yourself seen by a root canal dentist as soon as possible before what might have been some minor issue could lead to more severe problems and end up requiring emergency treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A root canal is also referred to as an endodontic procedure. Endodontic treatments remove the sour pulp,  bacteria, or other infectious material from inside your tooth’s roots. After removing all of this harmful stuff, the dentist will use unique materials to seal up the space where it used to be before placing a crown on top.

With the numbing medication given, you won’t feel a thing. However, a few days after having your root canal procedure, there may be soreness and sensitivity in that area.

A root canal procedure lasts 30 to 90 minutes only. The process requires only two dentist appointments to complete.

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Root canal treatment is the best way to protect your overall well-being while maintaining healthy teeth and a beautiful grin. It offers unlimited benefits and advantages and is advantageous to your well-being and cost-efficient, which means that you will save more money if you are looking for quality and affordable dental care in the long run.

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