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Dentist 29910 Speaks About Squid Ink

Squid Ink at the Dentist 29910

Dentist 29910

Wondering what is trending at the Dentist 29910? Well, it’s just not out on the market, but happens to be something that comes from the ocean: Squid Ink. While squid ink has been used to color restaurant quality pasta, it’s now being used as a tool in diagnosing gum disease.

Did You Know? Gum health is usually checked during dental cleanings by a dental hygienist.


Dentist 29910During the exam an instrument called a periodontal probe is traditionally used. This tool looks similar to a hook-like metal stick. This measures the space between the tooth and gums, often referred to as ‘pockets.’ A healthy pocket is 1-2mm whereas as deeper pockets suggest compromised gums. The deeper the pockets, the more likely there is disease. If you suspect you have deep pockets, let us know at Off Island Dental.

Dentist 29910 & Probing: It’s a necessary evil for oral health check-ups. 

The conventional method of probing is sometimes uncomfortable for a patient. When gum disease is present the process can even be painful. Sometimes this can lead to patients not making dental appointments, causing a delay in health which leads to greater disease. Every good dentist wants their patients to be as comfortable as possible at all times in the dental office.

Dentist 29910

Can you believe it?

A team of engineers from the University of California San Diego have developed a new method to examine a patient’s gums. The method is non-invasive, more comprehensive, and more accurate than any other method on the dental market. The team of engineers designed a process that includes ultra sound and squid ink to measure the depth between the gums and teeth.


A patient will rinse their mouth with a paste that contains squid ink, cornstarch, and water. The squid ink is food grade quality, just like the ones used to make pasta and other gourmet provisions. This squid-ink-based rinse serves as a contrasting agent with the ultrasound. The technical term for this imaging technique is photo-acoustic ultrasound. A short laser, usually a shining light signal, pulses onto a sample. It then heats up and expands, creating an acoustic signal that can be analyzed by researchers. This diagnostic testing is set to help the hygienist and dentist determine health of gums. It will eventually make probing more comfortable for the patient and more consistent for the dental office.

This nemergencydentist29910ew method has not yet been tested in humans, only pigs so far.

Moving forward researchers will collaborate with dentists and their teams. The future work will also consist of a better taste, decreasing the amount of squid ink which is very bitter tasting. In addition, the light used to detect the pockets will become more portable, like LED systems. The final goal is to create a technology that is less invasive for patients and creates a better rapport at dental offices.


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