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What are the Things You Need To Know About Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Therapy in Bluffton, SC

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that clears the tooth’s pulp of infection. Millions of patients have undergone root canals, and when the symptoms disappear, they are successful. Although root canal therapy has been used for at least a century, many individuals still need to be made aware of it and what it entails to require one. Some teeth that need root canals don’t show signs of needing one. However, you’ll find that the indications are typically easy to notice. You should see a dentist immediately if tooth discomfort prevents you from sleeping, working, or enjoying time with friends and family. Bluffton SC Root Canal Therapy

 Are you seeking the best root canal therapy services in Bluffton, SC? Off-Island Dental offers the best root canal therapy in Bluffton, SC. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about root canal therapy that can help improve your oral health.

Things You Need To Know About Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals are Key to Preventing Infection and Serious Oral Health Complications Issues

If the diseased nerve in your tooth is not removed, the illness may continue to spread through the remainder of the tooth and possibly to the teeth around it. The bone that supports the tooth may start to erode due to this illness. You can lose the affected tooth if you don’t get treatment. A lost tooth can cause discomfort in addition to other oral health issues like:

Bluffton SC Root Canal Therapy

Difficulty chewing

A missing tooth might make it harder to properly floss and brush, which raises the risk of dental decay.

 Early decay identification is essential to preventing oral health issues. The sooner decay is identified and addressed, the lower your risk of needing expensive, intrusive treatment is. If administered immediately, root canal therapy can cure the infection, preserve your tooth, and restore function.


Root Canals Don’t Always Have To Hurt

Root canal therapy is renowned for being excruciatingly painful. However, improvements in dentistry have made root canal therapy as pleasant and painless as possible. Although each person has a different threshold for pain, we go to great lengths to make sure that every treatment we give is as painless as possible.

 To lessen discomfort, your dentist will numb the problematic region before treatment. Usually, oral-conscious sedation or nitrous oxide sedation is employed. Most patients said they experienced pressure but not pain throughout their treatments. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have dental anxiety or are concerned about discomfort during a root canal. We’ll take additional care to ensure you are at peace and confident during the process.

Root Canal Therapy is a Straightforward Process

Although root canal therapy may seem complicated, the process is pretty straightforward. First, the region will be numbed by your dentist. The interior of your tooth will next be carefully cleaned and disinfected once the infected nerve has been removed. The health and function of your tooth will then be restored by filling and sealing the tooth. Root canal therapy is a secure and reliable approach to save teeth that have been irreparably broken or diseased.

You May Need a Crown After a Root Canal

The diseased nerve removed during root canal therapy is replaced with a filling. A filling can be insufficient and leave the tooth vulnerable to further decay if the infection damages the tooth too much. If your dentist believes that a filling won’t repair your tooth, a crown will protect the tooth from further deterioration and restore it.

 Since your back teeth are subjected to the most force and stress when you chew, they should generally have crowns. When properly cared for, fillings and crowns defend against germs and deterioration. Maintain appropriate oral hygiene practices and ask your dentist for advice on how to care for fillings or keep a crown in place.

Bluffton SC Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Recovery is Probably Faster than You Think

Many patients anticipate a drawn-out, uncomfortable recovery due to the negative stigma associated with root canals. Thankfully, this is untrue. We’ll help you through the recuperation process and keep you updated at every stage of the operation. We will respond to your inquiries and give you an easy-to-follow after-care plan.

 During the initial days of recovery following treatment, you’ll probably suffer moderate discomfort, sensitivity, and edema. If necessary, you may be given a prescription for antibiotics or painkillers. To guarantee optimal recovery after root canal therapy, avoid certain activities. We will likely urge you to: Bluffton SC Root Canal Therapy

  • To hasten your recovery and avoid problems. After receiving a root canal, refrain from eating for at least a few hours to ensure that all numbness has subsided.
  • Take pain relievers and antibiotics as directed.
  • Use warm salt water to gargle.
  • After treatment, refrain from engaging in vigorous activities (such as aerobics, jogging, physical labor, sports, etc.).
  • Take time to rest.
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke.
  • It would help if you avoided hot meals and beverages since they may worsen discomfort or swelling and delay your recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Signs that I Need Root Canal Therapy?

You should seek immediate medical attention from your dentist if you experience any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • Severe or untreated tooth rot
  • Damage to a tooth (cracks or chips in teeth make you more prone to infection or decay)
  • A high threshold for hot or cold meals or beverages
  • Severe discomfort when chewing or biting
  • Bruising or swelling near a tooth
  • Gum darkening 

How Long Does Root Canal Therapy Procedure Take?

Most root canal therapy procedures are completed in a single dental appointment and don’t last longer than two hours. If your issue is severe, the solution will probably need at least two visits to the dentist.

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy if the tooth does not Hurt?

Leaving a rotting tooth untreated can worsen things since other teeth may eventually get infected. Your Off-Island Dental dentist will need to perform a root canal on multiple teeth if you wait until you are in excruciating pain. It will cost you more money than taking care of it much sooner.

Bluffton SC Root Canal Therapy

The Best Root Canal Therapy Services in Bluffton, SC

The root canal treatment procedure is to remove the infected pulp from teeth. The infection in the tooth’s root will worsen if it is not treated and may also spread to the surrounding bone. Additionally, it may result in serious dental issues. Therefore, it is preferable to have a Bluffton SC Root Canal Therapy, at Off Island Dental as soon as possible if you require the procedure. 

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