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Flouride Treatment Services in Bluffton SC

What are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride Treatment Services in Bluffton, SC

Fluoride is a mineral that can be found naturally in some of the foods we eat. Additionally, it is present in some city water systems, oral hygiene products, and even dietary supplements. The best available substance to help prevent tooth decay is fluoride. Almost all foods and water sources naturally contain this mineral at variable levels. Since more than 50 years ago, the benefits of fluoride have been well acknowledged, and several reputable medical and professional organizations agree. Fluoride Treatment Services in Bluffton SC

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The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Here are some advantages of fluoride treatment that people of all ages can enjoy.

Remineralization of Tooth Enamel

Every day, everyone exposes their teeth to acid. Many of the meals and drinks we consume include acids. In addition, when bacteria in our mouths feed on the sugars in our food and beverages, they release acid as a waste product.

 The minerals that make up the dental enamel, such as fluoride and calcium, are broken down when the acid touches the teeth’s protective outer layer (the tooth enamel). In the early stages of tooth decay, this can damage and soften the tooth enamel, increasing your chance of developing more severe oral health issues, including cavities and infections.

 Fluoride treatments transfer fluoride minerals straight to your tooth enamel, helping to restore the enamel, reverse early indications of dental decay, stop future decay, and replenish minerals lost to acid degradation.

Prevents Cavities

Flouride Treatment Services in Bluffton SC

Regular fluoride treatments and fluoride-containing dental care products can help you stop the early stages of tooth decay from developing into cavities (also known as dental caries), thanks to the remineralizing magic of fluoride treatments. Cavities, which are tiny holes that form in the surface of teeth when soft patches on the enamel are ignored, and dental decay is allowed to advance unchecked, are caused by certain conditions. Although cavities may be filled with dental fillings, if left untreated, they can worsen, impair the tooth’s general structure, and finally entirely jeopardize its health, necessitating a root canal or tooth extraction.

Restores Minerals into Your Teeth

In addition to dissolving the enamel, the acid harms your teeth in other ways. Your teeth’s structural integrity is also compromised by mineral dissolution. Calcium and phosphorus are two minerals your teeth require to keep healthy. As the enamel is worn out by acid, your teeth become fragile and harmed. Losing calcium and phosphorus from your teeth might have terrible consequences.

 Fluoride restores those vital components to your teeth, repairing the damage. The outcome is remineralization, a procedure that aids in repairing damaged teeth. Remineralization is required to maintain strong, healthy teeth.

Prevents Sensitive Teeth

The dentin, a layer of the teeth immediately below the enamel, may become visible when dental enamel deteriorates due to tooth decay or natural aging. Dentin can also become visible due to receding gums (which can happen for various causes). The very porous dentin exposes the nerves of the teeth to things like heat and cold, temperature variations, pressure changes, and even sugar when it is not sufficiently protected by dental enamel. Therefore, susceptible teeth may develop from exposed dentin.

 Fortunately, expert fluoride treatment services in Bluffton, SC, may assist in covering porous patches of exposed dentin where a patient’s gums have receded in addition to repairing, remineralizing, and strengthening the tooth enamel. Fluoride treatments are a rapid and easy way to alleviate tooth discomfort in virtually any patient.

Flouride Treatment Services in Bluffton SC

Keeps Your Smile Looking Great

Fluoride treatments shield your teeth look and overall health against oral health issues that can ruin your smile. Filling in the tiny grooves and tubes that develop in a person’s dental enamel also aids stain resistance. Fluoride treatments can maintain your smile healthy and radiant for the rest of your life.

Lowers Overall Dental Care Costs

Preventive dental care is usually considerably less expensive than curative and restorative dental care. Fluoride treatments are an example of a preventive dentistry service that helps people lower the total cost of dental care since it delays the onset of more significant oral health issues. Because they require more thorough treatment, serious oral health problems can be substantially more expensive to address and fix.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is applied to the teeth during fluoride treatments to prevent cavities. Both professionally in the dentist’s office and at home with fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash are options for this procedure. Regular fluoride treatment is the most effective, and it’s crucial for everyone with a high risk of developing cavities. Fluoride treatment has several advantages, including fewer cavities, correcting early indications of tooth deterioration, and bettering general dental health.

Who Needs Fluoride Treatment Services?

Patients with a history of cavities frequently require fluoride treatment because it can stop tooth decay. Gum disease sufferers may benefit from fluoride treatments since fluoride can assist in lessening inflammation and encourage healing. Fluoride treatments may also be appropriate for patients wearing braces or other dental appliances since they can help decrease the risk of cavities and other issues brought on by this equipment.

Are Fluoride Treatments Only for Kids?

No. For kids between the ages of six months and sixteen, fluoride therapy is frequently advised. So, fluoride can prevent tooth decay and cure its early symptoms. Adults with dry mouth, diabetes, or a history of gum disease are among the high-risk groups for tooth decay who may benefit from fluoride therapy.

Is Fluoride Treatment a Safe Procedure?

Flouride treatments us a secure and reliable technique to help prevent cavities. The procedure is coating the teeth with a fluoride gel or varnish. The tooth enamel becomes more brutal, increasing its resistance to decay. Fluoride treatments are given every six months. However, they could be given more frequently if your risk of developing cavities is excellent.

Flouride Treatment Services in Bluffton SC

Professional Fluoride Treatment Services in Bluffton, SC

Off-Island Dental is committed to providing complete, high-quality dental treatment to the entire family. It includes Fluoride Treatment Services in Bluffton SC, to strengthen teeth and prevent decay and preventative dentistry services for kids and adults, including regular cleanings and exams. Our general dentist will go through a fluoride treatment program with you when you make an appointment at our dental facility.

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