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microabrasion teeth

What is Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Microabrasion?

Microabrasion Teeth

Microabrasion teeth is a less invasive method for enhancing the appearance of teeth with minor enamel flaws and discoloration issues. Microabrasion treats white stains or patches on teeth caused by enamel fluorosis, hypomineralization, or other intrinsic variables that don’t respond to teeth whitening. Teeth microabrasion may be used before or after dental whitening to create uniform tooth color for these challenging-to-treat teeth, 

If you are looking for a teeth whitening treatment that is gentle, effective, and affordable, teeth microabrasion may be the perfect choice for you. Off Island Dental Care offers teeth microabrasion treatment. Contact us today to book your microabrasion consultation and see if this is the proper treatment for you!

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Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Microabrasion

What Is Teeth Microabrasion?

Teeth microabrasion is a specialized cosmetic dentistry procedure that removes small portions of damaged tooth enamel. The layers of discolored enamel are de-mineralized on the surface by dental drills and erosive action by acid procedures. Thus, during the process, the surface’s optical qualities render it non-reflective and non-refractive, disguising any stains or discolorations beneath. Therefore, the microabrasion procedure is both frequent and highly effective.

What Techniques are Used For Teeth Microabrasion?

Two main procedures are used for treating tooth discoloration and improving hypoplastic teeth(microabrasion). 

The first method uses pumice and low concentrations of hydrochloric acid to remove stains from teeth. The second method uses pumice and phosphoric acids to whiten teeth since it is very successful.

What Conditions Can be Treated with Teeth Microabrasion?

Micro-abrasion helps the following conditions, which are frequently associated with an unpleasant appearance of teeth:

  • Dental fluorosis stains 
  • Tetracycline stains
  • Amelogénesis imperfecta
  • Molar-Incisor Hypo-Mineralization or Hypoplasia,
  • Chronological Hypoplasia
  •  Post-Orthodontic De-Mineralization

What is The Process Of Teeth Microabrasion in a Dental Clinic?

microabrasion teeth

Dr. Langehans at Off Island Dental Care will obtain a detailed medical and dental history following a comprehensive examination of your teeth. After outlining the entire course of treatment, you should sign a consent form. 

Your teeth are then thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with water and pumice. A rubber dam is used to preserve the gums, neighboring teeth, tongue, and soft oral tissues after the teeth and surrounding tissues have dried.

Pumice slurry and around 18% HCL or 35% phosphoric acid are used in 5-second cycles eight to ten times to remove stains and discolorations. As a result, the frosted enamel stains disappear when drilling finishing burs or very slowly rotating rubber cups are used. An abrasive pumice slurry peels off the superficial discolored enamel layers with acids. Because of its ingredients, fluoride gel is beneficial after the treatment. The current method polishes the surface well using soft discs and rubber cups. Depending on the situation or the outcome, there may be follow-up appointments. As a result, the entire process is simple and quick.

How Long Will Teeth Microabrasion Procedure Take?

For the best results, the entire teeth microabrasion treatment will last 45 to 60 minutes. Dr. Langehans at Off Island Dental Care ensures no delays because he understands that time is frequently an issue. Therefore, the process provides the best durability. During follow-up exams, minor appointments like bleaching are commonly required.

Is There Any Pain After Teeth Microabrasion Procedure?

These procedures can cause light sensitivity or pain for various reasons. You may use fluoride applications to address this issue following the conclusion of the treatment visit. You can also use mouthwash and desensitizing toothpaste. The procedure is thus straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Teeth Microabrasion Good for Your Teeth?

Yes. Microabrasion is a cautious approach that works for a very long time. It affects the surface of your enamel, neutralizing the negative consequences of using chemicals (such as bleaching or tooth whitening). Instead, microabrasion removes the outer layer of your discolored enamel with a mechanical rotating instrument, leaving you with a whiter smile that lasts. In addition to being healthy for your teeth, microabrasion is a less invasive and aggressive procedure than other teeth whitening techniques.

Does Microabrasion Harm Your Teeth?

No. Microabrasion doesn’t harm your teeth in any way, according to studies. For teeth microabrasion treatment, contact Off-Island Dental Care to book an appointment.

How Long Does Microabrasion Last on The Tooth?

After 23 years, satisfactory cosmetic results can be seen. However, a resin-based composite restoration can be done when you cannot always correct the enamel defect with microabrasion because it extends deeper into the enamel (or perhaps even involves the dentin).

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microabrasion teeth

Having a nice row of teeth is an asset to any person. A bright, white smile can make us look younger and more confident. Unfortunately, many people have stained or yellow teeth for various reasons, such as drinking coffee, tea, and wine or smoking cigarettes. 

If you are unhappy with your current tooth color and want to achieve a brighter smile, microabrasion may be your proper treatment! Contact Off Island Dental Care today to schedule a consultation and see if microabrasion is the best option for achieving your dream smile!

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