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Why Should You Visit a Dentist for Teeth Whitening?

Whitening Your Teeth at the Dentist

Many people worldwide struggle with the issue of yellow stains or yellowing of their teeth. But thanks to developments in modern dentistry, several dental procedures are efficient therapies for oral health issues. One such remedy for the discoloration of teeth issue is teeth whitening. teeth whitening services

 Are you looking forward to whitening your teeth at the dentist’s? Off-Island Dental Care offers professional teeth whitening services. We deliver impressive results; your teeth can become shades whiter in only one treatment. Contact us today for all your teeth whitening services!

Why is Teeth Whitening Best Done at the Dentist?

The treatment oversight before and during treatment to ensure good results you cannot get with home teeth whitening procedures is one of the most significant benefits of whitening your teeth at the dentist.

 Before a professional teeth whitening procedure, the dentist at Off-Island Dental will check to see if you are an excellent candidate by looking at your teeth. Your teeth won’t be able to be whitened if you have any visible restorations on your teeth, which could cause them to look stained or discolored. The dentist then can properly examine your teeth and decide whether whitening treatment is best for you. By doing this, it can avoid any potential imperfect outcome. 

 In-office professional whitening penetrates teeth from within, where age- and medication-related discoloration occurs, in contrast to most at-home whitening techniques (such as whitening toothpaste, baking soda, etc.), which remove plaque and discoloration on the surface of the teeth. In addition, this has more extensive and long-lasting results compared to home teeth whitening procedures.

Lower Chance of Tooth Damage and Sensitivity

Teeth Whitening Services in Bluffton SC

Following teeth whitening, tooth and gum sensitivity are common side effects. Too much time with the teeth whitening gel on your teeth will dry them and make them sensitive. In addition, the peroxide agent may irritate your gums and cause pain when you eat certain meals. The patient’s likelihood of misusing home teeth whitening equipment could result in sensitivity, pain, and less-than-desirable results. In contrast, the teeth whitening professional will protect your mouth, teeth, and gums by prepping them before applying the bleaching solution. When teeth are whitened, a dentist knows how to achieve excellent results while minimizing risk to the teeth.

Results Are Obtained in One Hour.

The bleaching chemical, hydrogen peroxide, will be available in the workplace and home solutions. At-home systems utilize 3% to 20% peroxide, while in-office systems use 15% to 43%. In addition, when people visit the dentist, they employ peroxide-based bleaching treatments to whiten their teeth more quickly.

 Off-Island Dental dentists also employ heat or light to hasten the whitening procedure and provide whiter results. Therefore, professional teeth whitening may give you a brighter smile that is two to more shades lighter in just one hour, but at-home teeth whitening typically takes weeks or even months to show effects.

Economical Long-Term Options

Professional teeth whitening can initially appear to be an expensive investment or expenditure of money. However, it might be a more cost-effective option in the long term. As previously indicated, professional teeth whitening delivers results that last for a very long time. Over time, purchasing occasional over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions might drain your bank account. 

It’s Secure.

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The enamel, the tooth’s outermost covering, can occasionally be harmed by teeth-whitening solutions. Therefore, professional teeth-whitening procedures are performed under a qualified expert’s guidance. The other areas of your mouth are covered for protection, and the whitening agent’s concentration can be changed throughout the procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Teeth Whitening?

Your teeth become more brilliant after whitening while having stains and discoloration removed. Because it can improve teeth and smiles, bleaching is the most used cosmetic dentistry operation.

Who is the Best Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

The teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry procedure is an excellent option for people whose teeth have naturally darkened from eating and drinking. However, we will need to consider alternatives to our standard bleaching methods to improve the color of your teeth if you have any inner layer stains from fluoride use or medication use. Before starting your professional teeth whitening procedure, we will clean and examine your teeth to remove any surface stains that can interfere with our bleaching procedures. People generally dissatisfied with their teeth’ appearance are also viable candidates.

A professional teeth whitening dentist should be sought out first if considering cosmetic changes to one’s teeth. Patients occasionally only require tooth whitening to enhance their smiles significantly. Excellent results from expert whitening will illuminate the entire smile.

Are the Costs of Professional Teeth Whitening Fair?

One of the cost-effective ways to brighten your smile is with teeth whitening. Many people get their teeth whitened over other, more expensive changes. You can get rapid results with our easy in-office or at-home whitening procedures, which improve with continued use. Visit a professional to get your teeth whitened appropriately at a fair price rather than spending money on toothpaste and store-bought items.

teeth whitening services Bluffotn SC

The Best Dental Clinic

Teeth whitening is best at the dentist’s office. Dentists are skilled experts who can provide you with individualized care that is both safe and effective. Additionally, they can offer payment arrangements to make the therapy affordable. Visit Off-Island Dental if you are considering having your teeth whitened by a dentist. We are a team of dentists specializing in teeth whitening with much experience. You can have the Perfect smile of your dreams with our assistance. Contact us right now to make an appointment with our Teeth Whitening Services in Bluffton SC !

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