Unlock a Fully Functional Smile With Your Restorative Dentist in Bluffton

You deserve a smile that is healthy and functional. As your experienced restorative dentist in Bluffton, Dr. Langehans is committed to stopping your dental discomfort and rebuilding your missing or damaged teeth. With our team’s expert care, you will:

  • Experience freedom from dental pain and regain your comfort
  • Restore optimal function to your teeth, getting back effortless chewing and biting power
  • Rediscover the joy of savoring your favorite foods without limitation
  • Boost your self-confidence as you showcase a beautifully restored smile
  • Achieve optimal oral health and better overall well-being

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Restore Your Oral Health With Our Comprehensive Restorative Services

Living with damaged, decayed, or missing teeth is a burden you shouldn’t have to bear. Neglecting these issues will only lead to more severe problems later. At Off-Island Dental, our dedicated team will help you reclaim your healthy smile.

Our priority is to stop your pain and address your most pressing needs. Your dentist uses cutting-edge technology, such as digital X-rays and advanced scanning equipment, to diagnose the issue and develop a precise treatment plan.

Your restorative treatment options include:

  • Tooth Fillings – Your dentist will remove decay and restore the damaged tooth using a natural-looking composite material. It will blend with your smile.
  • Dental Crowns – Protect and restore your teeth with lifelike crowns made in a single visit. The crown will match your natural teeth perfectly and enhance your smile.
  • Dental Bridges – Replace one or several missing teeth with a custom dental bridge. For added stability, you can anchor it to implants.
  • Dentures – Restore numerous missing teeth with dentures. Your dentures are customized for optimal fit and comfort.
  • Root Canal Treatments – Your dentist can treat infections inside your tooth with a root canal procedure.

At our practice, we believe that small details can make a big difference. We offer cozy neck pillows and warm blankets during your procedures. You can also choose sedation if you need help relaxing.

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